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Bulletin of the Iraq Natural History Museum

Aim and Scope
       The Bulletin of the Iraq Natural History Museum, that's affiliated with the Iraq Natural History Research Center and Museum / University of Baghdad, which founded in 1961 and is a peer reviewed, scientific open access journal, publishing original articles, article reviews, and case reports (short communication) in the natural history sciences. This journal is published twice times a year (Biannual).

       Bulletin of the Iraq Natural History Museum publishes 8-12 articles in each issue, according to the priority of manuscript acceptance. The variation in research areas for each issue is considered.

Natural history of Biology (Animals, Plants and Fungi), Taxonomy, Biodiversity, Wildlife Sciences, Comparative Anatomy of Wildlife Animals, Natural Resources and Geology that includes: Paleontology, Rocks, Minerals and Geomorphology.

New issue Volume: 15  Issue: 1  for 2018

Universty of Baghdad

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