Complaints Policy

 We embrace complaints because they give us the opportunity to improve, and we strive to reply immediately, courteously, and constructively. Please include the following information in your complaint: journal title, volume number, issue number, paper ID, paper title, and page number. Our definition of a complaint is as follows:

  • The complainant defines his or her expression of unhappiness as a complaint.
  • We infer that the complainant is not simply disagreeing with a decision we have made or something we have published but thinks that there has been a failure of process - for example, a long delay or a rude response - or a severe misjudgment.
  • The complaint must be about something that is within the responsibility of the Bulletin of the Iraq Natural History Museum - content or process.

Bulletin of the Iraq Natural History Museum aware of the following complaints: Authorship complaints, Plagiarism complaints, Multiple, duplicate, concurrent publication/Simultaneous submission, Research results misappropriation, Allegations of research errors and fraud, Research standards violations, Undisclosed conflicts of interest and Reviewer bias or competitive harmful acts by reviewers

Editorial Complaints Policy

The editor in chief, managing editor, editors and staff of the Bulletin of the Iraq Natural History Museum will make every effort to correct the situation as quickly as feasible and in the most appropriate manner possible, including providing a right of reply where applicable. We will review complaints in a blame-free manner as much as feasible, looking for ways to improve procedures and prevent mistakes.

Making a complaint

Please address your query in a detailed manner on:

[email protected]  or [email protected]